Knight Errant: The deluge begins!

Followers of Kerra Holt — the next chapter has arrived! The first issue of Star Wars: Knight Errant – Deluge is now on sale from Dark Horse and your local comics retailer!

The events of the new comics storyline follow the events of Star Wars: Knight Errant – Aflame and the Star Wars: Knight Errant novel, both on sale now — but you don’t have to have read them to follow the new series. In fact, this series begins where Kerra started out — Aquilaris, the planet that Vannar Treece rescued her from years ago.

Now, Kerra has finally returned as a Jedi, intent on freeing the place. But she doesn’t find the enemy she expects to see here, nor the same friends…

The issue includes our first look at a new villain and some interesting fighter designs — as well as glimpses of characters only seen heretofore in the novel. There are two variant covers, so ask for them!

Still in heavy deadline-world, but I hope to have some notes on the issue here soon. Enjoy!