Mass Effect Evolution: The Finale!

And hitting stands this week is Mass Effect: Evolution #4, the final issue in the origin story of the elusive, illustrious Illusive Man! You can find a preview here, and the comic itself on shelves starting Wednesday. There are two variant covers for this issue, as with the others of the series; one by Joe Quinones, another by Massimo Carnevale.

We also have something unique here in the form of a video trailer for the entire Mass Effect: Evolution series. Something I haven’t seen done before for a comic book series — be sure to check it out.

I very much enjoyed Odyssey Con this past weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. I’d never been to the show before, and it was great meeting everyone there. Greatly enjoyed hanging out with John Kovalic again, and I finally got to meet gaming guest of honor Robin D. Laws, whose run on Iron Man preceded mine. I haven’t done much work for the gaming industry lately, but I think we had a pretty good panel  on the state of the market with Robin, Bill Bodden, Matt Forbeck and myself.

I’m off the convention trail now for a stretch — the next big one is San Diego, later in the summer. In the meantime, back to work!