Congrats to Pat Rothfuss!

The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 2)The Wise Man’s Fear, the second book in the Kingkiller Chronicles by Pat Rothfuss, debuted at #1 this week on The New York Times hardcover bestseller list. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy — who I met, of all places, a few years ago at the comics shop we both frequent here in Wisconsin.

It’s one of those unlikely stories you remember for a long time: I was doing my Free Comic Book Day appearance at the comics shop we both frequent, when Pat stopped in during the final hour and bought some comics. Talking with him about writing, I learned he had just published a novel — and outside, he handed me a first printing of The Name of the Wind from the trunk of his car.  (Now I wish I’d given him the comics for free!)

Pat stopped by the Krause Picnic-con later that year, and by that time, it was clear that his novel was a Really Big Deal. I’ve appreciated his advice on the business of writing, and encourage everyone to check out the newest release!