News and previews! Knight Errant #5, Mass Effect Evolution #2, and more…

Lots of stuff going on today. First off, we have the preview of Star Wars: Knight Errant— Aflame #5, the final issue of the storyline and the missing link between the comics and the novel. It’s a blockbuster of a preview; destruction soon to ensue!

Next off, IGN has a preview of Mass Effect: Evolution #2. Both that issue and Aflame #5 release on the same day, February 16 — just in time for my signing at Westfield Comics in Madison, Wis., that Saturday. I still need to get production notes online for the first issue, now on sale — but it’s been pretty busy!

I was also alerted today that Star Wars: Knight Errant was one of the ten best-selling mass-market paperbacks in Barnes and Noble stores this past week. It’s gratifying to see, of course, and it’s been wonderful reading the kind words folks have written me in recent days.

Debuts can be scary things; my first comic book, years ago, was a bit more tumultuous as experiences go. But this has been a pleasure all around. I really do thank everyone for their support!