Knight Errant pre-release: Ask Me Anything!

Star Wars: Knight ErrantThe Star Wars: Knight Errant novel releases in ten days, and while I’m not doing a daily countdown as I did with last year’s wrap to Knights of the Old Republic, I will open the floor to questions as I did then — specifically, anything relating to what has already appeared (Knight Errant: Aflame #0-4, Influx,” and the Atlas Supplement).

So if you’ve got a burning question — something trivial or big-picture — click “comment” and ask your question here. I’ll collect a few of the questions for a blog post or two later in the week. Again, as with last year, no promises for answers to everything — I won’t give novel secrets away, or the end of Aflame. And some things will be reserved for my notes on the novel, anyway. But this is a good chance to get your questions in while you’re thinking of them!

I’ll also be guest-blogging next week on the Borders sci-fi blog, along with Troy Denning and Joe Schreiber. More details soon!

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15 thoughts on “Knight Errant pre-release: Ask Me Anything!”

  1. I'm sure this has been covered other places, but does the entire book take place before Influx and Aflame or does it overlap at all?

  2. What was your inspiration for the character of Lord Daiman and all that talk of "you do not exist," "I created the universe."? It's an interesting vision of the Sith Lords. Claudio dos Santos.

  3. Is Lord Baktra featured in the novel, or is he only alluded to and will be reserved for the next comic arc?

  4. The character Daiman often reminds me of characters from Eastern material, due to his appearance and his personality. How much of your work is inspired from Eastern material ie. manga / anime ?

  5. I'd like to clarify some historical background if it's possible:

    1) How come the Sith are now occupying ste southern region of the Outer Rim? Have they lost any connection with their tradition on Korriban etc?

    2) "The Essential Atlas" states that during the Dark Age the Republic had to face the outbreak of devastating Candorian plague and Holonet was disabled. In Knight Errant, we can see the consequences of the latter, but are we going to learn anything about the very events that made both disasters possible or at least any precise dating?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Thanks — some good questions here. Keep asking in this thread; I'll write up some answers in a post this week.

  7. While at Celebration V you mentioned we'll probably never see something along the lines of a young Lord Kaan, does that rule out the possibility of any connections between this series and the Jedi vs Sith comics or Darth Bane novels, exclusive of the general political situation (weak Republic, infighting Sith, etc)? Is there a chance a character or plotline from one of those other stories may make an appearance in this series?

    Thanks for taking questions!

  8. Could you give as al ist of species featured in Kight Errant 4?

    There are so really rare ones in that one, i could not recognise anything expect the obvioius ones.

    Politicians are more or less scum in SW.

    Are jedi Chancellors corrupt politicians too?

    If they arent why does the Republic get rid of them after the war?

  9. Are all the Sith in this timeline concentrated in the sector the four mini-empires occupy on the map? With the infighting in this sector I was wondering if there are more -ites out there.

    Also, will the novel be released in audio book form in the future?

    Cheers! I cannot wait to read the novel.

  10. Lets say someone picks up the book just watched the movies.

    Is this a good book for him to read?

    Will the different ship classes be named in this book that were shown in the comics?

    Will there be an online update on ships and military units and all kind of other stuff ala KOTOR campaign guide?

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