Knight Errant #2: Lord Daiman has arrived!

Just because he’s late to the party doesn’t mean you have to miss Lord Daiman’s debut in Star Wars: Knight Errant #2, on sale Wednesday in finer comics establishments all around creation!

Of course, creation is Lord Daiman’s creation, or so he says — so he really can be late for the party if he wants to be, can’t he? (And isn’t it just like Big Brother Odion to put himself on the cover of Daiman’s comic book? The nerve of that guy!)

So hit that comics shop — or you can also order it from Things from Another World — and join the party. And don’t forget, you can also preorder the Knight Errant original novel, due out in January! (And it’s also available from Things From Another World!)

Some notes on the issue will be forthcoming as I have the time — and I’ll also have something for Lost Tribe #5, which is online at and which, I am assured, will be on Kindle soon.