JJM scripts Illusive Man origin in Mass Effect: Evolution

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News is pouring out in advance of San Diego — and via IGN, Dark Horse has just announced my next project: Mass Effect: Evolution. The follow-up to the successful Mass Effect: Redemption, Evolution is actually a prequel, providing an origin story for the mysterious and powerful Illusive Man. Click to read the interview!

Our first issue releases in January 2011, plotted once again by Bioware head writer Mac Walters with art by Omar Francia. This time, we’ve also got cover art from Massimo Carnevale, from Y: The Last Man.

I was gratified by the success our first series got; the trade paperback for Redemption hit the Top 20 at Diamond last month. (If you haven’t got yours yet, order it here or check with your local retailer.) I’m pleased to be able to contribute to this vital chapter in Mass Effect history!