Ignition… blast off! Star Wars: Knight Errant #1 ships October 13

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And we have a shipping date — and a story title — for the inaugural issue of Star Wars: Knight Errant. According to the solicitation, the first issue ships October 13 — the week of Columbus Day, not a bad time to embark on a journey! Order the first issue of our first story, “Aflame,” next month from your retailer.

I’ve set up a page on the site for the comics series; I’ll eventually get a landing page online for the novel. In the meantime, remember you can preorder the novel, too, here.

And as I’m playing catch-up, I note that the page for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 9: Demon has been updated; there really aren’t many production notes at all because there weren’t any changes from the original comics. More to come.

Finally, we have cobbled together another complete, signed KOTOR set, auctioning now on eBay; we’re getting these together at the rate of about one every six months, so get your bids in now…

Update: Dark Horse is offering readers a chance to read Knight Errant #1 first, before it comes out — and to be a part of the first issue. Find out how, here!

Update II: And now I see from Amazon that the release of the novel has been moved up to Jan. 25. More info as I get confirmation…