Mass Effect: Redemption #4 — the conclusion!

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If I read the shipping list correctly, the blockbuster finale to Mass Effect: Redemption hits shelves today. Issue #4 completes the first comics storyline based on the hit video game franchise. It’s plotted by game designer Mac Walters, scripted by yours truly, and drawn by Omar Francia — with a cover by Daryl Mandryk. Don’t miss it!

If there’s something that’s been missing here lately, it’s been me — I realize I’m behind on getting Production Notes online for a few things. It’s in the name of a good cause, as I’m busy writing the Star Wars: Knight Errant novel. I hope to get a few moments free soon for some thoughts on works just released. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Redemption #4 — the conclusion!”

  1. Just a note to express my disappointment – and my thanks for your work on [i]Knights of the Old Republic.[/i]

    Often, those who work in the comics industry and see messages posted by fans (who overwhelmingly tend to be fans of comics, generally ) forget that the overwhelming vast majority of people don’t read comics or graphic novels at all and have almost ZERO interest in doing so. Certain series, however, because of the IP they feature, tend to be more natural gateways to participating in the hobby than others.

    With me, in my 40s – that was the case with KotOR. I had no read or collected comics in close to thirty years. But the Star Wars property and the time setting closely aligned with the video game attracted me to the KotOR series.

    So I have to say that I am extremely disappointed that the line is ending. I have picked up the first 3 issues of Mass Effect so far and yes, I probably will take a gander at Knight Errant.
    But to be blunt – my specific interest is in the Old Republic setting at the time of the forthcoming MMO. Make no mistake – THAT is what i want to read about John. The TOR setting – not later. Not even if Lucas wants to call it the same thing. Because by the time the MMO is everywhere and fans complain , they’ll stop doing that pretty quickly.

    I should also mention that I have mined the KotOR Comic series for nuggets and plot hooks for use in my own Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG campaign. The verdict? My six players, none of whom have ever played in a Star Wars RPG before (they are tried and true D&D grognards) are enjoying it enormously. So a shout out and thanks for that contribution too.

    If you have chance to get more involved in the novelizations or comics of the TOR MMO era – take that chance. Please.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. As you've seen, there are already comics and fiction coming from Dark Horse and Del Rey in the TOR era. I have no plans to work in that era — as you've also seen, I'm heavily involved in developing a new one. To my mind, it's very much like pioneering — this is sort of the place where none have gone before, to borrow another franchise's line.

    Certainly won't discourage your interest in the TOR era, but my hope is our Dark Age may have something to offer you, as well. Thanks for writing!

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