Bonus KOTOR, Midsouthcon & more…

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A few things. First off, Midsouthcon was great, as usual. I don’t have any photos of my own this time, but it was great getting to meet Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Gail Simone, and all the other guests there — and we had some very good panels. (That’s me and Gail in the pic, image courtesy Lin Workman.)

My own annual panel on new projects had the largest audience yet — and while I haven’t had time to figure out how best to post the audio from it, I can share the news I was allowed to tell the audience there. I have a third piece of Knights of the Old Republic-era fiction coming to the Star Wars fan club site, Hyperspace. Tentative title: The Journal of Doctor Demagol.

This is something I had considered doing for a long time, potentially as a back-up feature for whatever issue of KOTOR wound up having Demagol’s origin story. I’d always wanted to tell a story looking at the series from his point of view — getting into what was going on in the twisted mind inside the helmet. As it turned out, we ended up doing the origin story in #48, where we also had the Mass Effect Redemption preview and my short essay. But the longer-form piece was still bubbling in my mind, and I’m glad we’ve found a place for it. It’s a nice little coda to the comics series, and it was loads of fun to write. I don’t know when it’s scheduled to appear yet, but keep an eye on!

Meanwhile, we’re well into Knight Errant mode — and readers will find the just-released Star Wars Insider #116 has an article that reveals a few new tidbits. Note that, as with KOTOR #50, the text went to press before we made the change to the final title, so it still has the working title, “Jedi.” But it’s definitely Knight Errant!

Finally, I survived hotel registration day for San Diego Comicon, so I guess I’m in — first time in four years for me. May the comfortable shoes be with me!