Knights of the Old Republic finale on sale!

2 thoughts on “Knights of the Old Republic finale on sale!”

  1. Awesome finale, which is, of course, no surprise. Nice to see that you saved a few twists for the final issue.

    While I'm very sorry to see KotOR end, on the upside, it has gone out on a high note.

    I've been a Star Wars fan since I saw the original movie in 1977, and have read virtually every comic and book and the KotOR comic stands at the top of the heap. I'd put the story (and storytelling) against Zahn's trilogy, the Rogue Squadron works of Stackpole, or the Quinlan Vos storyline from REPUBLIC. Although most of the recent and ongoing comics have been decent, KotOR stands head-and-shoulders above the likes of LEGACY, INVASION, and CLONE WARS.

    Thanks so much, JJM, for giving us 4 years of amazing tales, and for introducing us to Zayne, Jarael, Gryph, and the gang. I look forward to your work on KNIGHT ERRANT, but hope that someday we'll return to find out the fates of these old friends.

    –George (GWEK)

  2. As I already said on the Dark Horse boards and TFN, I'd like to thank you, JJM, and your creative team very much for a great series run.

    I hope there will be more to come about all of them in the future, hopefully also written by you.

    Thank you!

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