Double duty: John Jackson Miller pens Star Wars: Knight Errant novel and comics series!

I didn’t know when this news would break this week — but the feline is out of its sack. Yes, as just announced on and Dark Horse’s site, I am playing iron-man football: Star Wars: Knight Errant is both my new comics series from Dark Horse and my first professional novel, for Del Rey. Wahoo!

The comics series launches later in 2010. The novel, due in 2011, is not an adaptation of the comics series, but a brand new story set in the same continuity. The series and novel both follow the adventures of Kerra Holt, a young Jedi knight living in what’s been termed the Dark Ages for the Republic — a thousand years before Episode I, and more than a generation before Darth Bane introduced the Rule of Two. Sith are plentiful in this era. How do you keep order when chaos is everywhere?

This is my first full-length novel — though if you’re new to my work, you can see from here and from looking around the site that I’ve been around for awhile. If you’re a comics reader looking for a taste of my prose work, check out today’s free Lost Tribe of the Sith download — and if you’re new to comics, click my Amazon page or on any of the books depicted on the site at lower left to check them out. I maintain a production notes and trivia page for everything I’ve ever done here on the site; just click the navigation at the top of the page.

Obviously, there will be more news to come on this. There’s a Star Wars Insider article on the way; note that there and in Knights of the Old Republic #50, the comic still had the working title of “Jedi” — but it’s definitely Knight Errant. Check the two links above, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more information as we’re ready to talk. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to develop stories for both media at once.

Onward and upward!

7 thoughts on “Double duty: John Jackson Miller pens Star Wars: Knight Errant novel and comics series!”

  1. This is super exciting, I'm downloading paragon now and looking forward to checking it out 🙂

    also, the link for your twitter account is

  2. You're absolutely right about the link — it's fixed now. Thanks! I was really busy yesterday… 😉

  3. Great choice of timeline!
    The New Sith Wars during the Republic Dark Age!? Awesome!

    But I really hope you will exploit to the best this era of war and chaos, give us something more connected with the war than the "sidequest" we had in KotOR. KotOR was/is great, but it's sad you didn't exploit Revan Crusade against the Mandalorians 🙁

    I hope we will see some intrigues in the New Sith Empire (which is, at this point, not yet the Brotherhood of Darkness) not only the lone jedi female's adventures.

    Anyway I wish you the best for this new comic and we'll be a faithful reader as always.

  4. From our thinking, Zayne wasn't a sidequest — he was the main quest. We didn't even know where we were going to set Zayne's story in the KOTOR era when we started, so the existing historical events were the backdrop, rather than the star. They were important, and obviously had an affect on the characters' lives — but they weren't why we did the series at all.

    In KNIGHT ERRANT, we'll see quite a lot of what's going on in the world at this time, since we'll be creating most of it from scratch. As we've said, this era is relatively less populated with known events.

  5. Thanks for your answer!
    It's verty interesting to know that, at the beginning, it was a comic about Zayne Carrick and not KotOR! It explains a lot!

    Great job respecting the KotOR continuity and making Zayne evolving during the KotOR timeline!

    I'm glad to "hear" your answer about Knight Errant. It's going to be a long wait.

    Please tell Dark Horse to make Ching and Weaver working on KE! ^^

  6. Will the novel and the comics be standalone stories, or will it be necessary to read both to get a complete story?

  7. Dude, I've been a fan of the Expanded Universe for years but got a little out of touch short of the Legacy era. Friend of mine recommended your KoTOR series and has re-ignited my old passion for Star Wars.

    Keep it up Mr.Miller, you're a service to the Expanded Universe.

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