Knights of the Old Republic #49 — The Penultimate — ships!

Forty-nine down, one to go! Wednesday sees the release of Knights of the Old Republic #49, showcasing the sense-shattering showdown between Jarael and Chantique!

But that’s not all! Buy this issue and you’ll get…

• The secret to Zayne’s relationship with the Force!

• The final fate of The Crucible!

• What “Masks” didn’t tell you about Revan!

… and more! All this and Cassus Fett!

Thoughts on the issue coming in a few days, but in the meantime, enjoy!

And for April, Dark Horse has solicited Mass Effect: Redemption #4, with my script based on a Mac Walters story; a page has been started here on the site for it. Check out the Daryl Mandrayk cover, featuring Miranda from Mass Effect 2!