Knights of the Old Republic #48: Questions Answered!

A whole bunch of questions are answered in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #48, going on sale in comics shops Wednesday just in time for your holiday reading. How many questions? Well, somewhere short of Avogadro’s Number; I don’t want to oversell it. But we hit a few Frequently Asked Questions from the last few years.

What’s that Demagol guy all about? What was Zayne doing during his summer vacation? What was in that box Demagol brought back to the ship that raucous night on Wor Tandell? What’s the story with Zayne’s new lightsaber? What’s up with Jarael’s ears, anyway? And more!

We did something unusual with this issue; anticipating some lettercol questions from folks who don’t frequent my blog or the boards, I penned a short essay on “Travels with Demagol: The Care and Feeding of the Monster in the Cargo Bay.” I’ll still have my usual notes online here soon — I’m hoping for during the holidays — but there’s a start. There’s also a five-page preview of Mass Effect Redemption #1, shipping to your comics shops Jan. 6! All at no extra cost…

On that score, I have also posted a page for Mass Effect: Redemption #3, which has been solicited for a March release. Remember, you can also get a full-story version of the first issue in the Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition, shipping in late January.

Update: Holiday repast consumed, I now have some thoughts online about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #48. All sorts of little tidbits, like whose voice I hear for Demagol — and detailed instructions for engineering your own superwarrior like Jarael!