News about my February comics — and that’s it. Move along…

OK, folks, I hit the road for a few days and things get busy. Here we go, as best as I can post from the road…

The cover and solicitation to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #50, the final issue of the series, is now online at the Dark Horse site — and a page has been established for it on my site here. Benjamin Carre has delivered a cool cover — just the one I’d suggested. All kinds of surprises in the issue — of course! (And if you think the solicitation gives anything away, think again — or better, listen to Magneto: “Are you sure you saw what you think you saw?”)

Next — although actually shipping a week or so before — is the second issue of Mass Effect: Redemption. The proper preview details are at the Dark Horse site, but I have also finally gotten around to getting a parent page for the series online here. This issue, at least as far as I understand the release schedule, should be the first one out after the release of the video game sequel — but don’t take my word for that. Definitely check with your local retailer!

Just saw the new Star Wars: Insider — we have a nice interview there about the end of the Knights series. Be sure to pick it up.

And, finally, since you asked, yes, that is a very nice new interview with Dark Horse’s Randy Stradley here at — and yes, he’s exactly right that “fellow editor Dave Marshall and writer John Jackson Miller don’t want me to spill the beans about the new series they’re working on.” Ladies and gentlemen, start your speculating!

Hmmm. I’m visiting my mom today — on a day when the word for the day is mum. Coincidence — or part of a great master plan? Bwa-ha-ha!

(Sorry, in the car waaaay too long this weekend. But stay tuned!)