The trial of Demagol begins in November!

The victims of the diabolical Mandalorian doctor Demagol have waited long enough for justice. The trial begins in November in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #47, announced yesterday by Dark Horse on the official Star Wars site. Victim Malak is right there on the cover — but where’s Zayne Carrick? It’s part one of a four-issue story that’s full of surprises, one after another.

And backtracking a bit, I’ve posted a belated page on the site for Knights of the Old Republic #46, the second part of “Destroyer.” This one’s special for me because I was able to put cover artist Jim Pavelec, an artist I’d hired years ago to do art for Comics Buyer’s Guide and Scrye in touch with Dark Horse — and was delighted to see him get an assignment on my own title. Jim’s fantasy and horror art has appeared in many games and in his art book for my old publisher, Hell Beasts — and this is easily the creepiest cover we’ve had on KOTOR!

Much more news to come. Stay tuned…