KOTOR #39: Let the duels begin!

Very busy week coming up here. I’m in Memphis for Midsouthcon — panel schedule when I have it — and also Knights of the Old Republic #39 is set to go on sale this week. Plus, our new storyline just started at Sword & Sarcasm, and there are new posts up at The Comics Chronicles.

What? Fill out my NCAA brackets? Sure. Can I do it after the games, when I have more time?

Update: And pursuant to Midsouthcon, the Memphis Commercial Appeal has a feature on #38 artist Dean Zachary here.

1 thought on “KOTOR #39: Let the duels begin!”

  1. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to MidSouthCon this year after all, but I am determined to make it next year, so help me!!!


    Looking forward to “Masks”!

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