Game notes, and more

Working non-stop, but I finally had a moment to get some pages set up for my game work. There’s a page for my Dawn of Defiance module for the Star Wars Role-Playing Game — it’s not released yet, but that’ll be where the notes go (and where there will be link to the Wizards download page). And, yes — ye cats! — I finally got around to writing up some notes on the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, even though it only came out eight months ago. Sorry — it’s been a busy year!

In other news, I have a rough idea of my panel schedule for Midsouthcon in Memphis (actually, Olive Branch, Mississippi) March 20-22; more on that as it firms up, but it looks to be an interesting show again. Looking forward to checking out the new venue!

And we just completed the fourth storyline for Sword & Sarcasm. Yet another full-length comic book, free to read!