A pod of podcasts

Still working on getting time to do some notes for KOTOR #37, but in the meantime, that interview on Fictional Frontiers on Philadelphia’s 1360 AM is finally airing at 11 AM this Sunday, Jan. 25, delayed from an earlier time; it’s really more about Knights of the Old Republic. Early next week it will be online at the Fictional Frontiers site.

And I was also a guest recently for a wide-ranging ComicBookPage podcast with John Mayo and Bob Bretall. It’s a “Super Fan Spotlight,” getting into my personal collecting interests and comics and fiction writing — but as John and I both track the same numbers in the comics industry, there’s also a good deal of minutia as well as speculation about the short-term and long term future of comic books and graphic novels. And, yes, much embarrassing stuff about the obsessive-compulsive nature of my own comics-collecting habits — but, really, who didn’t suspect that already?