KOTOR #35: The End of the Beginning!

I can’t even begin to get into how busy I am this week, but it would be impossible not to note the release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #35, the final chapter of “Vindication”! The adventure begun in “Commencement” three years ago concludes — with surprises and fireworks and a step into a new future for our heroes. The origin story ends here!

Even with the schedule as it is, I expect to have some notes online this week, a little faster than has been the custom recently. A lot of threads finish coming together here — we had to print on transdimensional paper to get it all to fit!

So the first meta-arc concludes — but we’re just getting started. The next batch of issues has already been announced, including #38, drawn by Dean Zachary, one of my fellow regulars at Midsouthcon (and we’ll both be there promoting that issue, along with my old college pal John Hudgens of Sith Apprentice fame, who’s attending for the first time as a media guest). And knowing what we have in the works further ahead than that, I can say we’ll definitely be broadening the horizons of the Old Republic and taking Star Wars readers to places they’ve never seen before. (Or in a really, really long time!)

Anyway, enjoy the read. And more soon…

2 thoughts on “KOTOR #35: The End of the Beginning!”

  1. I’m dying to get this!

    Hey, speaking of MidsouthCon, I just got my flier in the mail. I hope to meet you (again) and the rest of the KOTOR team (for the first time). When it gets closer to happening, mind posting a blog letting everyone know when the panel will be?

    Congrats on finishing the first arc. A massive undertaking indeed.

  2. I’m going to see if we can do it Saturday afternoon, like the first two — last year it was Friday night, which was fine but I was pretty exhausted by then. There’s also a possibility I’ll be doing a short-story reading.

    As soon as MSC posts the schedule, I’ll repost here — though that is usually the week of.

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