KOTOR #34: Secrets revealed!

Well, all kinds of cards are being turned over in this corner of the Star Wars timeline this week! First, of course, there’s news about Star Wars: The Old Republic, the online RPG. You can read more background on the site itself, but a factor of note to comics readers is when it says it’s set — a good while after the events of the earlier video games (and of the current comics). I encourage everyone to follow the link and learn more about it!

And back to those comics — and to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #34, which goes on sale Wednesday. I’ve had this in hand for a few days now, and I feel it might be advisable to suggest keeping the Depends-brand undergarments handy. Because we provide answers to a wide variety of questions, some that have been going since the beginning of the series. Twists, turns — and all presented in a spectacular visual production from Messrs. Brian Ching, Michael Atiyeh, and Michael Heisler. (Atiyeh, I would add, really hits a grand slam with the colors in this issue — Haazen’s mysterious powers giving him the chance to create some original looks for powers and abilities.) “Vindication” rages on!

I feel very strongly about this issue, and I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be here again soon with thoughts on the issue — hopefully, giving readers a chance to towel off!

4 thoughts on “KOTOR #34: Secrets revealed!”

  1. Need a little time to process this one, but my initial thought is:


    How’re you going to top this in the conclusion? Great action, great character stuff, great reveals. It’s awesome to see threads that have been in play for three years paying off.

    Thanks for another fine issue!

  2. Fantastic work; hit it out of the park. I’m with george, though, and thoroughly unsure how you’re going to pull off something more for the conclusion.

    (Oh, and HI. I’m Keralys over at TFN, so we’ve talked before. :-P)

  3. Glad to see you found your way here, Master Keralys! I’m still getting used to the Blogger interface — it’s almost like having two different websites — but so far it seems to be working better than the set-up I had. I hope to be blogging more frequently as a result.

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