Now playing: Ultimate Unofficial Pokemon TCG Guide

Well, I try to keep everyone apprised here of what stuff I have coming out — but when you’ve got stuff in print in various places, these things are not always easy to keep track of. I used to edit Scrye magazine eons ago — and there I also produced two volumes of the Scrye Collectible Card Game Checklist and Price Guide and co-edited a Pokemon book. Some of that material is evidently still useful, as there’s a Ultimate Unofficial Pokemon TCG Guide that’s just been released — published by F+W Publications and distributed through Excell Marketing to various mass-market locations. Put together by Scrye Editor Joyce Greenholdt, it extends the Pokemon sections we put together for the first two CCG Checklist books to the present day.

Sort of like getting in a time machine looking at the sections I did — but it’s good to see some of this is still helping someone. A nice package, and worth checking out if you’re a card gamer.