Hitting “reset”

OK, sorry for the intermittent presence online lately — it surely wasn’t planned. Here’s the scoop:

The database that was running my Faraway Press publishing site, my Comics Chronicles site, Sword & Sarcasm, and Maggie Thompson’s site was doing a fine job — until it wasn’t. For some reason, at the end of August, it went into a computerized funk and the none of the ministrations of People Who Know About These Things could restore it to order. Worse, the hosting company I was with at the time seemed to have been taken over by some kind of Bizarro Customer Service Department, where “urgent” requests went to the bottom of the pile and the daily backups promised in is advertising were revealed to be “a courtesy, not part of the service” (their actual words). There followed a change to a better hosting company, and a last-ditch attempt to restore the sites — which worked for a few days, only to have the database finally give out.

So. Long story short, with what little time I have available for this sort of thing, I’m setting up fresh sites for each. Sword is up again as a Blogspot site which actually functions better than what I had before; Maggie’s site has been restored with two components, the HTML archives on her URL and then a feed coming from her Blogspot site. I will be doing the same for FarawayPress.com — beginning with this blog, located at farawaylooks.blogspot.com (and eventually farawaylooks.com) so as to minimize further news interruptions.

I’ll be restoring all the notes pages and other feaures as I can get to them; hopefully, since this is a straight HTML solution, this is the last doggoned time for this. My apologies for the inconvenience in the recent weeks — believe me, I’d like to hit “reset” on the last month online!