A trip to Coruscant… games… and more

Whole bunch of updates here. First off, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #31 is on the shelves this week, or so I am informed. It is stuffed chock full of revelations and surprises; my thoughts on the issue will be along later, and as you might expect there’ll be a lot to talk about this time out!

One of the interesting things about the issue is the ad on the back cover. It’s for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide and the KOTOR miniatures set — like the first ad in the series, it’s a hoot! Don’t miss that one…

…and in a related note, I have seen the miniatures and they are terrific. I can’t say who all appears in the set from the comics — although the Lucien figure is described over at the Wizards site. Look for that set in early August.

As for later August, there’s that Campaign Guide releasing. Dig the cover — that’s Zayne and Jarael there. The whole game section on the site is in its embryonic stages, but with the book releasing, I figured we’d better get it online.

Now, about the game and GenCon: I’ll be speaking on the Wizards Star Wars panel, which is Thursday, Aug. 14 at 4 p.m.; I’ll update the time and location closer to the date. There are also miniatures tournaments using the new set. Check the GenCon site for details.

(Note: That’s GenCon, not San Diego. Sorry, no Sandy Eggo for me this year — gotta write!)